Welcome to the ImageMuseum; currently displaying more than 71112 historical images.

We created this site to collect, display and preserve historical images from cities, towns and places in Western Massachusetts (Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties). Everything here is free and shareable. If you see something you like, just take a copy!

If you are here to see the Agawam High School Yearbook images, they are are in special folder at (click to go there).

If you have images that we could include in one of the galleries here, contact us at wardbirchall [at] or rbirchall [at] and we'll make arrangements to put copies up here for everyone to enjoy! If you already have them on the web, give us your permission and we will link to them.

Thanks and Enjoy the Images!
Jim Birchall and Russ Birchall


Special Notice: On October 21, 2010 James Ward Birchall passed away. He was 84 and since 2005 had spent time almost every day collecting and adding images to this site. To honor his memory I am leaving the site online so that others can continue to share and enjoy the images he posted here. You honor his memory by viewing the images.

Thank you.
Russ Birchall